We don’t normally like to make a fuss at Freestone’s, we’re understated kinds of people and enjoy the simple things in life; in particular delicious tasting, organic, wholesome food. However, for this news, we’re making an exception so, here goes….🙌📣💥WE’RE LIVE ON OCADO💥📣🙌!

We’re so excited to reveal that you can now buy our whole range of organic, luxury muesli and porridge mixes on Ocado. This means there’s now even less reason to compromise on breakfast as it’s easier than ever to start enjoying a bowl of Freestone’s; Ocado delivers across the world so simply select your favourite mixes and add them to your online shop. Click here to be taken straight to the online store: Ocado

Ocado is a brand we love at Freestone’s, they’re the biggest grocery delivery company in the world and their ethos of delivering happiness in the most convenient way possible chimes perfect with us. We’re committed to providing our customers with a breakfast that’s both healthy, completely natural AND delicious, we won’t compromise on that and are delighted that we can now reach more customers, helping set them up for a better day ahead. If you do enjoy our cereals through Ocado we’d love it if you could leave us a review on the site, it helps us spread the Freestone’s love and encourages people to enjoy better breakfasts across the world.

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