My Story

Hello, I’m Kate. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about making and eating breakfast cereals; this led me to create several well-known and award-winning brands. My upbringing in rural Somerset means I love locally sourced ingredients and home produced nutritious and delicious food. When you see how your food grows and understand where it comes from you learn to make the best of the natural and seasonal ingredients nature provides. Freestone’s artisinal mixes ensure you get the finest ingredients in every mouthful. Healthy food shouldn’t mean you have to lose out on taste…

My Lovely Mixes

The Home of Homegrown

All of my mixes are handmade with whole grains and real fruit, you may spot the odd piece of husk or fruit kernel. Think of it as my little stamp of authenticity & promise of real ingredients.

Made in a zero waste factory using 100% renewable energy


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